Vermère Sourage // School Project

NathanBouldoires_spacedesign // Clara-Andréa_graphicdesign ColetteHerry_productdesign // Lili-RoseL’Azou_fashiondesign

Our intervention as designers, is at the perception level, what the visitor will have about the space. The informations' accumulation tend to saturate his visual space, and physical space. The path awaken his senses, the view, the hearing, the touch. Disturbing the understanding of the space, deforming by the swelling of details, forms, letters wandering on walls, the balance of lenses is giving rhythm by the interaction of the visitor in the place. The installation blocks the space by the movement and the distortion by approaching the notions of spatial limits and of visual disturbance.

I chose to create a random system of letters which loses the user in a space. Futhermore, when he will touch some objects, the images and sounds appear at various locations, to lose the spectator spatially and saturate the space (realized with processing and arduino in the reality).