Zero Waste // School Project

Paris would like to become a zero waste city. To facilitate the implementation of this project, the city hall wants to create an application and a website, which bring together all the informations, the supermarkets, the restaurants, the events, everything about the zero-waste concept. What is zero-waste concept? It's to prevent (or limit) from producing non reusable waste.

1 // Change of Habits

The zero-waste is only a change of habits. Here we change our habits of use (taken in hand horizontally, we have to move the smartphone in 360 ° in the menu to move, use of both hands in certain menus). The representation of this change is symbolised by the contrast hand-drawing/saturated pictures, in contradiction with the zero-waste spirit. It's a satire of the current society.


2 // Full awareness

Opposition to the "automatic" lifestyle in which we mainly live, full consciousness of our acts, of our choices, our lifestyle, represented here by a total focus needed to use the application.


3 // Constraint as force of creation

Awareness of its actions, to think before acting. Technical constraint (a single color, a single font...) and of use. Allows a total implication and a customization on behalf of the user.